Meet Melinda

Closures | Remnants was born when Melinda Hutton, designer and artist, stumbled upon the world of antique buttons 26 ago and became hooked. Since then, she has been designing jewelry using antique and collectible buttons and has expanded her work to include handcrafting new pieces from well-loved vintage remnant pieces.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of artwork. Texture, color, shape and type of button are factors Melinda considers at length before her designs are complete. Examine her bracelets closely - you will see something new every time! Each intricately designed button tells a story - either detailing a history or the mood of its artist. Melinda appreciates them for the work of art that they are and dedicates her craft to preserving these button treasures and stories.

As an artist, she is not interested in producing an assembly line product. Her goal when designing is to create a very personal, heirloom quality piece of jewelry that will be worn often and for years to come - a piece that will become part of the history of its owner.